Est. 2004, Pasco County, Florida

The Dupree Lakes Community Development District (“District”) is an independent special district, created pursuant to and existing under the provisions of Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, and established by the Board of County Commissioners in Pasco County approval of Ordinance No. 04-39, on September 8, 2004.
Establishment Ordinance 04-39 (CLICK HERE)

A map of the District’s boundaries can be found here: Parcel Map

District Infrastructure and Property

The District issued its Series 2007A Bonds (“Bonds”) to fund the construction and/or acquisition of stormwater management improvements, landscaping, utilities improvements, and roadway improvements. Bonds were refinanced in 2015. Current Debt Service Assessments are paying off the Series 2015A Bonds.

Annual Budgets and Assessments

 The District will annually approve debt service budgets and an Operations and Maintenance (“O & M”) budget. The District annually assesses from property owners within its boundaries both a bond debt service assessment and an O&M assessment. The bond debt service assessment helps amortize the District’s Series 2015A Bonds. The O&M assessment funds the District’s annual O&M activities. To view District Budgets, CLICK HERE


Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the District Office in writing, via email or fax, or by phone, whichever is most convenient for you. See CONTACT US for further details on contacting the District Office.